‘She Definitely Cheated’: Fans Are Convinced Jeannie Mai ‘Cheated’ After Jeezy Names His Double Album ‘I May Forgive … But I Don’t Forget’

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Atlanta rapper Jeezy just announced that he will be releasing a new album and leaving his longtime label, Def Jam Records. The changes are swift and coincide with another planned big change in his life: to divorce his wife, Jeannie Mai Jenkins.

Def Jam Records put out a statement, with the artist saying that after 20 years the “Trap or Die” chart-topper will be leaving the label, dropping his last offering, a double album called “I Might Forgive … But I Don’t Forget.”

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Jeezy used this 29-track project as a therapeutic exercise to get some things off his chest. The label says that on this project, Jeezy “reflects on the trauma, obstacles, and personal growth.”

On the first album, “I Might Forgive …,” he has titles like “Trust No One,” “This Too Shall Pass,” “Don’t Deserve Me” and “Don’t Cheat.” On “But I Don’t Forget,” Jeezy has tracks like “Delusional,” “No Choice” and “Claim to Fame.”

Jeezy made his first statement on his divorce from Jeannie Mai.
Jeezy made his first statement on his pending divorce from Jeannie Mai. (Photo: @jeezy/Instagram)

Many fans of The Neighborhood Talk on social media heard those titles and instantly thought that he was referencing his estranged wife, concluding that the former talk-show host probably cheated on him during their marriage.

“She definitely cheated,” one person said. A second individual said, “Jeannie got my man’s ready to vent.” “Nothing like breakup music,” another comment read.

Rumors of Mai cheating on Jeezy started around mid-September, weeks after Jeezy filed for divorce and their separation was revealed to the public.

There were allegations that Mai and fellow TV personality Mario Lopez shared a deeper connection than mere professional colleagues, fueled by video footage depicting their close rapport.

Fans speculated on their unmistakable chemistry and the fact that Mai posted a compilation of her week as a guest host on “Access Daily” with Lopez. In the clip, the “Saved by the Bell” actor playfully lifts Jeezy and Mai Jenkins’ daughter Monaco up from the anchor desk and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Toward the end of the video, Mai, Monaco and Lopez can be seen together being super close.

Assuming Jeezy did something that led to the divorce, one person wrote, “Ain’t nobody buying this… he did my girl Jeanie wrong.”

But not everyone is locked in on the cheating allegations, aa some note that Jeezy’s divorce, his book, “Adversity for Sale,” his new project, and his leaving the label are all too calculated for their taste.

“Get married, write a book, file for divorce, then drop an album. Smh,” a suspicious Instagram user wrote. “Literally monetizing divorce. Smh,” someone wrote. Another social media user posted, “Oh maybe him and that girl is doing the Will & Jada for the record sales.”

Whether his emancipation is due to someone cheating or a strategic marketing coup for his new project, Jeezy seems to be living the life.

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On Saturday, Oct. 28, in Atlanta, Jeezy hosted his third-annual Sno Ball Gala. Fans got a sneak peek of the event in a video that shows the rapper not only having the time of his life but doing so without his ring.

He might not forgive, but it does seem that he’s choosing to forget something: to show signs that he still is married.

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