Shayna Baszler Shares Her Biggest ‘Diva’ Move: I Need A Red Bull In My Hand At WWE TV, That’s A Rule

shayna baszler
Photo Credit: WWE
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Shayna Baszler doesn’t have an aversion to brown M&Ms, but there is one must-have that everyone knows she needs backstage at WWE TV.

Baszler recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard. Baszler was asked if there was any type of ‘diva’ behavior that she was OK with*, and Baszler said it’s well-known that she must have a Red Bull on show days.

“I need — you can ask any of the [WWE talent relations] Department when I show up to TV, the first thing I need to do is put a Red Bull in my hands. Caffeine is how you get through those days. And those guys joke about it so much that I have got jokes about having a Red Bull here today. Which I don’t need. Because I had coffee already. But yeah, when I show up to TV, I need a Red Bull. That’s a rule. They all know it.”

Sip style

Is it a slow sip? A Steve Austin-style cheers and chug?

“It’s a… It’s a, ‘Man I need a pick-me-up to…’ Cuz TV days are so long for us. So it’s like, ‘My match [is coming up], I’ve already had a whole day, ‘clink’ and I chug it. And then I go beat people up.”

Baszler said she doesn’t drink one after the shows because she’s “usually so amped up from beating someone up that I am up anyway.”

Baszler was also asked how she saw her Road to WrestleMania progressing. She said it could be with Zoey Stark, but all she can do is beat a lot of people up to move into a position for a spot.

Check out our full interview with Shayna Baszler below:

(*For context, the original question was presented after Baszler was asked by WWE talent relations if she needed anything before we began recording, and she noted that she was fine.)

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