Shawn Stasiak Responds To Kurt Angle Saying He Killed His Career For A Hair Transplant

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Shawn Stasiak comments on Kurt Angle‘s remarks about his follicle deficiencies.

During a recent episode of his own podcast, Kurt Angle stated that he believes former WCW and WWE star Shawn Stasiak derailed his own career due to receiving a hair replacement. To follow up on Angle’s comments, Stasiak spoke to PWMania and told his side of the story.

“So when I woke up Monday morning, Andy texted me, and I saw these headlines. ‘Kurt Angle feels that former WWE superstar derailed his career because of a hair transplant.’ ‘Shawn Stasiak’s career was ruined because of a hair restoration.’ Oh my god, so that’s why I had to watch that? So I watched the context in which Kurt shared that story. First of all, as much as I love and respect Kurt Angle, that kind of came from left field. And first of all, I’m going with why did that without even come up? Why would you feel compelled to even bring another man’s medical procedure up?

“It’s something that I would personally not do, but I don’t know. I mean, his life has been kind of an open book and he’s had his struggles and challenges. In today’s world everybody talks about it. It’s no different than improving your image, whether it’s whitening your teeth, boob augmentations, lifts, skin, dietary. So back then, 20-plus years ago, yes, I ended up making the decision to get that done.”

Stasiak said that he was in Memphis working with Jerry Lawler and also participated in training camps alongside Christian and Edge, among others. He was losing his hair while they were sporting beautiful blonde hair. That’s when he decided to do something.

“I gotta do something about this man, this sucks, you know? And I’m thinking, ‘What are my options? Shave it? Buzz it?’ I looked into that procedure and I went to one of the best places, if not the best place, in the world in Toronto and inquired, did a little consultation. I got back to WWE, and I said, ‘Listen, you guys were about to call me up I think soon, that was the word, right?’ And I consulted with them. I said, ‘I just think this would help improve my image, give me some youth back, give me some years back. They say ‘Hey, by all means, if it improves your image and feel it helps your confidence and it gives you some youth and improves your image then by all means… because we want to bring you in as kind of like, stay in shape, keep your abs.’ They weren’t telling me what the character was going to be, my rookie character, we’d soon find out after that, but I just decided to get that done. I don’t know where that story came from. I don’t know where Kurt conjured up that story in his mind.”

Stasiak isn’t sure why Angle blasted the story that he did.

“I never would have called the WWE and said, ‘Hey guys listen, I’m getting my hair done, you’re got to hold off my debut for a couple.’ Are you kidding me? None of that happened. I spoke with them and consulted. They said, ‘Yes, by all means get it done, but get it done now,’ because there’s a little bit of a period of recovery, for about a month or so. And they said, ‘Just do it now, and then we should be fine.’ So I did.”

Stasiak recalled traveling to WWE RAW tapings for about a month but they kept postponing his debut week after week. Then in Grand Rapids in 1999, he jumped Tiger Ali Singh and introduced the “Meat” character.

“A big part of me being there was my father, Stan ‘The Man’ Stasiak, and his influence and legacy. I just spoke to my father. I said, ‘Dad, I know you’re not here physically, but I feel your spirit here.’ I felt his presence. I felt his presence in the building. And I don’t want to sound cliche or cheesy, but I really do. I had goosebumps. I could hear my dad’s voice said, ‘Shawn, just go in there and just do your thing. You’ve anticipated this your whole life, you’re going to be just fine. Just go in there and do your thing. Have fun.'”

By the time his Heat match aired, it was April 13, his dad’s birthday. Stasiak reiterated that he did not call WWE to have his debut postponed and that everything went as planned.

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