SHAVONE. Releases 'Black Internet Effect': Her Journey as a Racial Change-Maker in Tech

Multi-hyphenate creative, activist, fashion, music and tech force SHAVONE. has become the industry's favorite renaissance woman in her own right. Authentic, committed and utterly influential, SHAVONE. is a true norm disrupter. Not only is she on the Forbes' 30 Under 30 list but the mogul stands out for being a classically-trained musician, FORD model and now Tiktok's Head of Global Diversity and Inclusion Communications. Her restless support for women in creative fields and commitment to amplifying the voices of underrepresented communities has made her a recognized advocate of creativity and inclusion.

Whether it's her influence in the creative scene or her pursuit to trailblaze a new path for future generations of women in tech and entertainment, SHAVONE. knows no boundaries. The entrepreneur is now releasing her book Pocket Change Collective: Black Internet Effect, in a bid to inspire young readers with her experiences in tech and innovation, documenting her moves as the first African-American woman to create roles held at both Twitter, Instagram and now TikTok. And if that wasn't enough, as a tastemaker and founder of her own creative collectives Future Of Creaties" and Magic In Her Melanin, SHAVONE. has collaborated with top brands across industries, including Nike, Google, Spotify and Dapper Dan.

Her pocket-size book series Pocket Change Collective originated intending to empower teens through the perspectives of leading activists and artists. The tenth and final edition of Black Internet Effect brings the reader on SHAVONE's journey from curious student to diversity, racial and gender change-maker in tech. The story is accompanied by illustrations by acclaimed visual artist Ashley Lukashevsky. In the exclusive press release, SHAVONE. stated, "My hope is that we continue to break down the doors and institutional ceilings that keep people of color out of the technology industry, with the mission to lift as we climb and leave the door open for future generations."

In an interview with Hypebae, SHAVONE. highlighted her restless mission to make space for women of color both online and in IRL. She added, "I'm beyond thrilled about the release of Black Internet Effect, and I dedicate this release to every young person out there resiliently fighting to succeed against all odds. I hope that sharing this chapter of my journey and life lessons will help light the way for others and inspire those who need it most."

Black Internet Effect is now available to purchase on Penguin Random House's website.