Shauna Rae's Romantic Interest Dan Swygart Gives the Latest Status Update on Their Relationship

Shauna Rae with Dan
Shauna Rae with Dan

Dan Swygart/instagram

Dan Swygart is speaking out about his connection to Shauna Rae.

Swygart responded to a report stating that he is the I Am Shauna Rae star's "ex-boyfriend" on his Instagram Story Monday.

"Literally every single time I go on Facebook or YouTube all I see are videos of me and Shauna," he wrote alongside a screengrab of the report.

Swygart then reminded fans that he and Shauna — a 23-year-old who has the body of an 8-year-old due to pituitary dwarfism — are "still good friends getting to know each other."

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Dan Swygart/Instagram

In January, Swygart thanked fans for their support amid online criticism of the pair's blossoming connection.

He got emotional while reading a kind comment that praised his friendship with Shauna. "This actually made me cry," he wrote in an Instagram Story. "You guys are awesome!!! I appreciate every single one of you."

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The comment that triggered a wave of feelings from Swygart came after some Internet users questioned his intentions with Shauna. Some assumed Swygart was inappropriately attracted to Shauna because of her 3'11" stature. Others saw the genuine connection between Swygart and Shauna and applauded him for it.

Shauna Rae and Dan Swygart
Shauna Rae and Dan Swygart

Shauna Rae Instagram

Earlier that month, Swygart shared an Instagram video denouncing those who find Shauna undeserving of love because of her physical appearance.

"I think it's absolutely disgusting, the attitude of some people," Swygart said. "She's been through so much in life. She survived cancer as a child. She's always felt different and treated different by society."

"But how dare you take away her right, her human right, to have a connection, a friendship, a relationship with someone else. Who are you to say she can't have that?" Swygart argued. "I'm absolutely disgusted by some people's attitudes toward her and my friendship with her."

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The world traveler ended the video on a positive note — acknowledging the kind words from some viewers. "So many people who have disabilities or they have friends and family with disabilities have reached out and said, 'Thank you for showcasing that it's okay to build a connection, a friendship with someone whose different by society's standards.'"