Shark Week 2016 Comes Early: Watch the First Promo

Fans of Discovery’s greatest summertime tradition, Shark Week, will enjoy this news: It’s starting on June 26 this year.

The theme for TV’s longest-running event, now in its 29th year, is “shark n’ awe,” as seen in the promo above that Yahoo TV is exclusively debuting (look for it on-air tonight during the Season 12 premiere of Deadliest Catch).

The trippy 30-second teaser begins with a man knocked off the floatie he’s lounging on in the ocean and encountering a friendly mermaid. Things take a turn when he starts tailing a great white that breaches. Suddenly the scene becomes a twisted underwater carnival as he watches divers ride sharks and a great white jump through a fiery hoop. Finally, four sharks collide and explode.

What’s it trying to tell us? Not that this year’s Shark Week programming is inspired by Sharknado (we hope). Perhaps it’s that you never know what beauty and chaos you’ll encounter below the surface, which is what makes Shark Week so fun and compelling.

Though Discovery has yet to announce the list of this year’s new specials, the network says it’s working with nearly two dozen of the world’s top marine biologists and science institutions to capture never-before-seen behaviors: “For the first time ever, sharks will face off with dolphins, seals, crocodiles and even humans, as one science team finds themselves surrounded by a gang of large tiger sharks.”

Who’s in?

The 29th Annual Shark Week will kick off June 26 at 8 p.m. on Discovery and continue through July 3.

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