Shaquille O’Neal Intends to Run for Sheriff in 2020

It looks like there’s gonna be a new sheriff in town! Retired basketball star Shaquille O’Neal has played an officer onscreen in movies like Grown Ups 2, but he now plans to run for sheriff’s office in 2020 in real life.

O’Neal doesn’t explain where he intends to run, but said, “This is not about politics. This is about bringing people closer together. You know, when I was coming up, people loved and respected the police, the deputies. And I want to be the one to bring that back, especially in the community I serve.”

According to ESPN, O’Neal is a resident of both Georgia and Florida, and he’s definitely no stranger to the law. In 2016, he was sworn in as an honorary deputy in Georgia’s Clayton County, where he holds the record for tallest deputy. He’s also been a reserve police officer in California, Arizona, and Florida.

In 2016, he surprised a group of neighborhood kids when he participated in a pickup game of basketball with them and officers from the Gainesville, Fla., police department.

Even though he doesn’t have a ton of law enforcement experience, O’Neal believes his time in the NBA will help. He said, “I know how to run the team. My style is going to be to surround myself with guys that have been doing it way longer than I’ve been doing it, surround myself with smarter people. And I know it’ll be successful.”

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