Shaquille O’Neal and Bear Grylls Ate What?!

Retired NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal joined Running Wild With Bear Grylls for an adventure in the Adirondack Mountains. Shaq didn’t need a trail, as he made his own, trampling anything in his way. Climbing up a sheer cliff proved a little more difficult for the big man, even with the help of rope and Grylls pulling from above. But as usual on Running Wild, the biggest obstacle was finding something suitable for dinner.

Not long after they scrambled to the top of the cliff, and Shaq had broken a small tree in half for a walking stick, Grylls happened upon a fresh placenta, probably from a deer or moose. Bear immediately began telling Shaq how nutritious placentas are.

Shaq cut Grylls off, with the question, “You wanna take it with us and eat it tonight?”

The answer to that question was fairly obvious. But before they could eat the placenta, it had to be cleaned. Grylls recommended using urine, because according to him, that’s the best thing to clean it with. Shaq thought better of it and offered water from his canteen.

Grylls purposely over-cooked the placenta, telling Shaq they had to kill all the bacteria that could cause diarrhea and vomiting. When it came time to eat, Shaq tossed each piece of placenta to the side while pretending to put it in his mouth, and for good reason.

As he put it, “Don’t want to have diarrhea, ’cause I left my toilet paper in the room.”

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