Shannon Sharpe Says Comedians’ “Gay Jokes” About Him Are “Getting Old”

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Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast has become the staple for telling the truth, and unfortunately everyone isn’t a fan of that.

Since conducting two viral sit-downs with Katt Williams and Mo’Nique — where both stars kept it too real about the industry — a few other comedians have spoken out against the “conversationalist,” now joking about his sexuality. However, Sharpe has asserted that he’s the “hot thing” right now, and is “moving on” from “gay jokes” as they are going to “get old.”

“They using the same joke,” he spoke of comedians like Mike Epps, Eddie Griffin and more on the Nightcap podcast. “But at some point in time it’s gon’ get old and people are going to get tired of y’all saying that Shannon gay, and Shannon this, and you going to have to get back to telling jokes. Please tell me you’re not running out of jokes.”

Recently, Griffin made a joke about Sharpe’s podcast as he renamed it “Club Gay Gay” during a comedy set of his.

“Shay Shay, Club Gay Gay. I don’t give a f**k,” he said to a gasping crowd. “That ni**a sitting there with them tight a** pants on, with his balls and d*ck all up in Katt’s face, and Katt kept looking the other way. You can tell how that ni**a drink that he gay. That n*gga had d*ck on them lips, don’t no ni**a drink like that.”

Referring to Williams calling out comedians for impersonating women, he added, “Me and Katt the last two that ain’t wore a dress, ni**a. I called that ni**a… and said, ‘Ni**a, let’s do the ‘Non-Wearing A Dress Tour.’ That sh*t’ll be hot like a motherf**ker.'”

Griffin’s latest sentiments follow Mike Epps’, who also joked about Sharpe’s sexuality during a comedy show, where he also claimed that he declined a request to appear on Club Shay Shay.

“That ni**a Shannon Sharpe called me trying to do an interview,” the 53-year-old said. “I said ‘no Madea, I ain’t doing no interview with you’ – so you can sit across from me and look at my balls. The ni**a sh*t is called Shay Shay the ni**a is telling you.”

He went on, “Put a wig on that motherf**ker and tell me if that ain’t motherf**king Madea sister.”

In response to Epps, the former NFL star warned, “Mention my name again, and I’m gonna put the DMs [out]. And I don’t like doing this. But you’re lying. I don’t care about all that other stuff. You can say I’m gay … I don’t care about that, beause I won’t chase a lie. But I won’t let you lie on my name.”

“Say my name again, and I’m gonna release the DM. Because you’re lying,” he continued. “You said I reached out to you to come on Club Shay Shay, and you’re a mofo lie. Now when I see you, I’m gon’ see if you’re about that. I’m gon’ see if you want to say what you been saying, trying to get some jokes because you got mad because Katt Williams did what he did.”

The two have since reconciled.

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