Shannon Sharpe Reacts To Jalen Green Allegedly Impregnating Two More Women

Shannon Sharpe weighed in on reports that NBA star Jalen Green allegedly impregnated two women prior to Draya Michele’s recent announcement that she is pregnant with his child.

On an episode of his Nightcap podcast with Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, Sharpe shared his reaction to Green’s latest off-court news, admitting that he “can’t even be mad” at the Houston Rockets guard. Reading from a report of the allegation, the former NFL star informs his audience that one woman, who remains unnamed, claims to have given birth to Green’s child in some time in February.

Another woman, whose identity has yet to be publicized, claims to also be pregnant with Green’s child, adding that she and Michele have been given similar due dates to give birth. If the woman’s claims prove to be true, Green will have fathered three children within a 12 month span.

“He think he me,” Johnson, who has multiple children by different women, jokingly told Sharpe upon hearing the news. “He working overtime, Ocho,” Sharpe said of Green in his response.

This is not the first time that Sharpe has offered his opinion regarding the scrutiny surrounding Green’s relationship with Michele, who is 17-years his senior. During a previous Nightcap episode, the three-time Super Bowl champion noted that both Green and Michele are adults and are lawfully permitted to engaging in a relationship.

“If people are upset, what are people upset about?” Sharpe said of detractors of the high-profile union. “This is two consenting adults.” He continued, adding that Green was aware of the possible result of engaging in sexual activities with Michele. “That man… 22. That fertile-a** seed he got? What you think going to happen if he keep givin’ all that woman all that baby gravy.”

Earlier this month, Michele revealed that she is pregnant with Green’s child following months of speculation regarding their romantic relationship. They were previously spotted together on several occasions in recent months.

“We are overjoyed to share our love for you, little girl,” she wrote in a post on social media. “I am excited to speak words to the daughter I never thought I’d have. We are anxious about your arrival, but take your time — this world can be tough. But know you are being brought into a space of love, security, and adornment.”

Michele, 39, would later clap back at critics of her “predatory” relationship with Green, expressing her refusal to accept outside appraisals regarding her intent. “Get comfortable being misunderstood,” the original post read.

“Only a fraction of people will be able to truly grasp your essence. You are not on anyone else’s timeline of comprehension. Also, it’s none of your business how others choose to perceive you. Most High sees you clearly – let that be enough.”

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