Shannon Beador Has ‘Learned So Much’ Since DUI Arrest and Prosecution

Shannon Beador at BravoCon 2023
Photo by: Rich Polk/Bravo via Getty Images
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Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador is finally opening up about her September DUI. Remarkably, the judge sentenced her to only three years’ probation for the incident.

“I am grateful that no one else was injured besides me,” she told TMZ. “I have learned so much from my terrible mistake that night and realize that driving any distance while impaired is too far.”

She was more than “impaired.” Shan was one wasted amiga. Per law enforcement officials, Shannon’s blood alcohol level was 0.24%. That’s exactly three times the legal limit. According to Medical News Today, a person would have to consume six to eight drinks to reach this level. And her beloved dog Archie was in the car at the time. Thank goodness he was okay.

No jail time for Shan

Shannon Beador
Photo by: Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Even though Orange County D.A. Todd Spitzer asked the judge for a harsher sentence, including 30 days in jail, Judge Brett London was more lenient. After hearing “legal arguments from both sides,” the judge denied the D.A.’s request for jail time.

Judge London also dropped the charge of hit-and-run with property damage. “Shannon had made full restitution to the homeowner in this matter,” said her lawyer Michael Fell. Apparently, the owners of the damaged home are happy with the repairs and not interested in any further legal action. The mom of three admitted her wrongdoing “at an early stage of the proceedings,” taking full responsibility for her actions.

In addition to the 36 months of probation, Shannon’s sentence included 40 hours of community service and a nine-month alcohol program, as required under California law for drivers with a BAC greater than 0.20%.

While there was no mention of a CDL suspension, California law mandates a six-month suspension for a first-time DUI conviction. But for drivers with a BAC greater than 0.20% (Shannon’s was 0,24%), the court may require DMV to suspend driving privileges for 10 months. As part of the process, the court will notify the DMV, which imposes the suspension. Shannon should receive a notice in the mail

If you’ve been drinking, friends, call an Uber. Even if you have to pay surge pricing, it’ll be cheaper than paying lawyers, court fees and fines. And you won’t have the lifelong guilt of possibly having injured or killed another human being.


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