Shania Twain Makes ‘Voice’ History, Gives Glowing Reviews

For the first time ever, there was a fifth red chair on The Voice. Shania Twain not only stopped by as a special adviser, but she also stayed for the live performances in her own red chair. So the country-pop star helped during rehearsals and then gave glowing reviews for all the top 12 contestants.

All of contestants were huge fans of Shania’s and were thrilled to have her there as a special adviser. But it seemed like Shania was a big fan of all the top 12 contestants as well, since she said things like, “You’re just a stunning vocalist” and “This really is as good as it gets no matter what age you are.”

However, Shania wasn’t just there to give glowing reviews; she also gave the top 12 some words of wisdom. When Aliyah Moulden was concerned about how nervous she gets before performing, Shania told her, “Part of what you are feeling is adrenaline too. Burn off some of that energy before you come out there.” The country legend then let Aliyah know a little trick she uses, saying, ” I carry a little mini trampoline.”

Even though Shania had nothing but nice things to say, Troy Ramey was still worried about impressing her. After Shania told Troy that she liked what he was doing, Troy jokingly said, “I was waiting for you to say, ‘That don’t impress me much.'”

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Find out Shania’s first concert, favorite song to perform, and many more firsts and faves:

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