Shane Helms Explains Why He Thinks He Should Get Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

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Shane Helms says he won’t get the credit he deserves, but he believes he’s worthy of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Helms currently works as a producer in WWE. He had a successful in-ring career, as he won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship twice. Helms also won the World Tag Team Championship twice, among other accolades. He is a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion as well.

Speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Helms was asked whether The Hurricane gets the credit he deserves.

“I won’t get the credit I think I deserve because comedians never do, in Hollywood or anything. They never get the Oscars that they deserve,” Shane Helms said. “Every now and then, they’ll throw them one, but comedy’s hard. It’s way harder than people realize. Especially when you get good at it, and now they want you to be funny every time. Now you gotta be funny all the time.

Shane Helms On Potential WWE Hall of Fame Induction

Helms was then asked whether The Hurricane could get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Helms stated that he thinks he should. He highlighted the way he helped light heavyweight wrestling.

“I think he should,” Shane Helms said. “I think if you know Shane Helms’ story, in terms of how, I think I really helped light heavyweight wrestling as well as anybody. Definitely there are people I think that did more, and definitely a lot of people that did less. But the style I brought as Sugar Shane, I think that’s the style you see on TV the most now.

“I was definitely one of the first pioneers of that, in terms of, I was studying Lucha, I was studying the European style and the Japanese style, and the American style, both old-school and the northwestern style, the Philadelphia-area style. So I really tried to combine all of that into this hybrid thing.”

Helms then reflected on the different stages of his career. He shared his belief that his best body of work came as Gregory Helms. He also stated that he thinks he’ll be known more for his work as a producer going forward.

“If you look at that and you look at what I did with the Hurricane, or what I did with the Three Count gimmick, then what I did with Gregory Helms,” Shane Helms said. “As Gregory Helms, I think that was actually my best body of work in terms of match structure and mechanics and technique. That was probably my best body of work.

“But to go from a beloved character to where people want to absolutely loathe me, that’s not as easy as one might think as well. So I was very happy with that. Then to come back and just stay around as long as I have, I think my producing gimmick, my producing career, that’s going well. I still got so much to learn. I’ve done a lot of good stuff so far. I think the more I learn and the more I grow as a producer, I think that’s gonna get better. I might actually be known more for that I think going forward.”

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