'Shahs of Sunset' Star Mercedes Javid's Husband Pleads Not Guilty to Vandalizing Reza Farahan's Home

Daniel Goldblatt

Tommy Feight — the husband of "Shahs of Sunset" star Mercedes Javid — has pleaded not guilty to charges of trespassing and vandalism after he was captured on video trashing Reza Farahan's backyard.

Feight entered the not guilty plea recently and a pre-trial hearing was scheduled for next month.

An attorney for Feight was in court on Friday for a hearing on the temporary restraining order Farahan filed against him. Farahan was in court as well but the judge continued the case until October 25.

The temporary restraining order will remain in effect until then.

As The Blast first reported, Farahan filed for the temporary restraining order, claiming that on May 19, Tommy called and "threatened my life by phone and at 2:34 pm he vandalized our home."

Reza says Tommy vandalized their home and his husband Adam watched the incident go down on their security camera.

At the time, Reza told The Blast that the whole fight stems from MJ allegedly trying to get back on the show and become the main attraction of their reality TV show.

Reza claims MJ began spreading lies that Reza's husband had cheated and committed sexual harassment and says it was all orchestrated for the Bravo show.

He says he became so upset that he blocked MJ on all social media. Reza says she that she began going on a "campaign" against him, so he posted their text conversations on social media to establish a timeline.

Apparently one of the text messages divulged some personal medical information about MJ from when she was in the hospital giving birth, and Tommy freaked out and became very upset. Reza says he got a call from Tommy but then hung up right away when the man began threatening him.

Reza tells us he was not worried about the threats at first, because Tommy is "just a low-class thug," but the threat quickly became very real.

Reza claims he did not realize Tommy was actually outside of his home, and when they saw the man on their Ring video camera, they called LAPD.

We're told Tommy was gone by the time LAPD showed up, but he did get into the backyard and destroy a bunch of potted plants. The Blast obtained photos from Reza's camera that appear to show Tommy in the backyard holding an aluminum baseball bat.

Security video, provided by Reza, shows Tommy hurling potted plants around the backyard and creating a mess.

The temporary restraining order in place bars Tommy from coming within 100 yards of Reza or Adam.