'Shōgun' Is Officially Coming Back for a Second Season

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Is 'Shōgun' Returning for a Second Season?Kurt Iswarienko/FX
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As Shōgun aired its final episode, viewers wondered if the gripping show is finished. When asked if they'd return for a season two, co-creators (and married couple) Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo share a smile. "You'll have to ask our kids," Marks tells T&C.

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He continues, "We told the story of the book to the end of the book, down to exactly the way the book ended." (Shōgun is adapted from James Clavell's book of the same name.) "We're very proud of that because the book ends so beautifully and boldly in this very unexpected and meditative kind of way. So, the story is complete."

Marks adds, "We spent five years on this and it [felt] like thirty in terms of just that level of detail that you have to put in every single day." Plus, he added, "the elements" of filming were tough, saying, "We didn't have the nicest British Columbia winter that year when we shot it." The show was initially meant to film in Japan, but due to the pandemic, had to film in Canada.

So the verdict on a Shōgun season two? "I don't know," Marks says candidly. "It's gonna take some some recovery to think about what will be next. But honestly, it's hard because you don't have a master storyteller to set the map for you. So that would be a tough one."

However, in May 2024, a big update was announced: FX, Hulu and the Estate of James Clavell announced they are "working to extend the critically acclaimed global hit drama Shōgun, moving forward to develop the saga with two additional seasons of the drama series." On board for a second and third season include Marks and Kondo, along with Executive Producer Michaela Clavell, and Hiroyuki Sanada, the show's star and producer.

More news will be shared in the coming weeks and months.

We'll update this as we learn more about Shōgun season two.

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