SEVENTEEN Break Down New Album Face the Sun Track By Track: Exclusive

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Our Track by Track series gives artists a space to break down each song off of their newest release. Today, the members of SEVENTEEN break down their new album, Face the Sun.

SEVENTEEN have returned today (May 27th) with their fourth studio album. Face the Sun sees the thirteen-member act — comprised of S.COUPS, JEONGHAN, JOSHUA, JUN, HOSHI, WONWOO, WOOZI, THE 8, MINGYU, DK, SEUNGKWAN, VERNON and DINO — embrace the changing seasons by highlighting this moment in their collective career. It’s an album they describe as their most personal yet, with the primary goal being to share new sides of themselves with their fans (known as CARATs).

Over the course of nine tracks, SEVENTEEN continue to do what they do best — exploring their story with self-written and self-produced music. There’s an abundance of talent packed into this group, and their individual strengths make them a force to be reckoned with when they all come together.

It’s very clearly the beginning of a new chapter for SEVENTEEN. “Our world tour in 2020 abruptly ended due to the pandemic, so we spent the past two years and four months truly getting to understand the value of the concert stage,” says HOSHI. “Ultimately, SEVENTEEN become the best versions of ourselves and we’re able to deliver the greatest amount of energy on stage, in front of an audience. We will finally get to perform on large stages again starting this June, and we’re so excited to share that experience.” (Grab tickets to the group’s tour here.)

To mark the release of Face the Sun, Consequence connected with SEVENTEEN about each track of the new record, gleaning exclusive insights primarily from the members who worked closest on the conception, writing, and production of the album.

Check out the track by track breakdown and stream Face the Sun below.


JOSHUA: Seeing the reception [to “Darl+ing”], it felt like we have gotten a bit closer to our CARATs around the world. We feel “Darl+ing” was a good starting point to our music and performances to come this year, especially as we gear up to start touring around the world again. We want to return the love we’ve received over the years to our fans in other parts of the world, so we are also looking forward to working on more English songs to which they can better connect.


WOOZI: As always, our goal for the album is to convey who we are today. “HOT” was the result of trying to create a song that best resembles the “sun” from its very sound. It’s reminiscent of the imagery of the sun — the overarching theme of this album — and makes a statement about SEVENTEEN’s determination to become an artist that resembles the sun. We will also be putting a lot of energy into performing the song, and we hope you’re looking forward to the performances.

“Don Quixote”:

WOOZI: The idea of always wanting to continue our adventures lies beneath the song, even if others may see us and think we are not headed the “right” way. That’s just how the 13 of us grew up together, always walking forward as one. That’s why the optimistic and idealistic character resonated with us. We aspire to be an artist unafraid to step away from the norm to find our own creative direction.


DINO: As the title suggests, this song is intended to be the soundtrack to TEAM SEVENTEEN’s march forward. Face the Sun tells the story of SEVENTEEN’s journey, but we also want to encourage all our listeners to courageously walk forward along with us, and that is the sort of energy we tried to deliver through the track. It’s also one of the songs we are most excited to perform on stage — we’re going to give it all we have!


MINGYU: With the restrictions we all faced in our everyday life over the past two years, we wanted the music in our new album to feel a bit more straightforward and expressive. The process of falling in love fills you up with happiness unlike any other experience, and this is a song that captures that restless excitement transparently.


VERNON: Our focus for this track was the contrast between the track and theme of the song. Perhaps the contrast that makes the sounds feel slightly exaggerated is also where the sentiments of ‘80s and hyperpop stem from. The track is quite rhythmic in nature with its roots in 2-step, which builds a contrast to the weight of the idea of embracing our inner shadows.

“’bout you”:

S.COUPS: Face the Sun marks a new chapter for SEVENTEEN. By looking back to our debut and alluding to our very first song in this one, we wanted to not only fully express our gratitude and affection for TEAM SEVENTEEN — our 13 members and all our CARATs — but also reflect on the journey ourselves.

“IF you leave me”:

SEUNGKWAN: “IF you leave me” addresses how big of a role our fans — CARATS — play in all we do, and directly speaks to CARATs about how we feel about our relationship with them. We have our fans always waiting to hear more music from us, supporting us to see us improve. They are what drive us to always strive for more.


WOOZI: The keyword of “Ash” was the starting point for building the last few moments of the album. It’s meant to be a stepping stone to our next stage, in the sense that after we’ve declared to face our fears and become the sun ourselves, we would have to burn down remnants of our past fears to move on. The album closes with the song so as to open up the next chapter to what lies ahead.

SEVENTEEN Break Down New Album Face the Sun Track By Track: Exclusive
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