Seth Rollins Believes Tonight’s Royal Rumble Is Super Unpredictable

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Seth Rollins is looking forward to watching the unpredictability of tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble premium live event.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins was a recent guest on ESPN’s DC & RC. When asked about tonight’s Royal Rumble event, Rollins expressed his excitement for this evening’s premium live event.

“I mean it’s probably my favorite event on the calendar,” Seth Rollins said. “It’s just so unpredictable there’s nothing like it. We do nothing like it the entire calendar year and this year is especially super unpredictable I think. I mean you got some favorites, right? You’ve got Cody Rhodes looking to repeat.

“You got my boy CM Punk in there trying to do whatever it is he thinks he’s gonna do. You got GUNTHER, who I ran into last night. And then you got wildcards, there’s not been a lot of people announced for the Rumble this year. So who knows who could pop up in that thing? Surprises are always a big part of the Royal Rumble. Who’s going to come back, who’s going to debut, all these types of things.

“The men and the women so it’s really exciting to see just how it plays out and what the stretch run into WrestleMania is going to look like because you just never know. And when you think you do know, something changes, switches up, sends ya a curveball, and you gotta adapt. So it’s a really fun event for the fans and for the performers as well.”

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What do you make of Seth Rollins’ comments? Are you looking forward to the WWE Royal Rumble later this evening? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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