Seth Rogen Wants to Smoke a Joint with Barbra Streisand: She 'Has the Coolest' Weed Story

seth rogen, barbra streisand
seth rogen, barbra streisand

Shannon Finney/Getty; Todd Williamson/Getty Images Seth Rogen; Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand is at the top of Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen's blunt bucket list.

Speaking with reporters on Saturday at the 10th annual Hilarity for Charity birthday extravaganza, the event's hosts said that they'd love to smoke a joint with Streisand, 80.

"She told me she smoked weed with Peter Sellers," said Seth, 40, of his The Guilt Trip costar. "Which is amazing. Truly remarkable."

"Barbara Streisand actually has the coolest story of someone smoking weed out of anyone I know," he continued. "Because I don't know anyone who's smoked weed with anyone cooler than Peter Sellers."

"I want to be in her basement," Lauren, 41, chimed in when asked what their ideal smoking scenario with Streisand would look like, to which her husband agreed, "Exactly."

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Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen
Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images Seth and Lauren Miller Rogen

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Back in August 2021, Streisand opened up about her past experience with marijuana in an interview with Variety, claiming she has only picked up the substance once, during a concert.

"One night I really did it onstage when I was doing the Forum concert in the '70s, it was part of my shtick," she said.

While laughing, the actress and singer explained, "I talked about pot and I was working with [producer] Richard Perry, so that's why."

"I tried it once and I didn't like the way it made me feel," Streisand added. "So, I never did it again."

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Back in March 2019, Rogen revealed that he was launching Houseplant, a Canadian cannabis company that he had been working on for years.

The actor and comedian co-founded the new company with his filmmaking partner Evan Goldberg, with whom he collaborated on the 2008 stoner comedy Pineapple Express.

Rogen announced the news on Instagram, posting a series of photos of their creative process. He captioned the post, "I've been working hard on Houseplant for five years. I can't believe we're actually launching. What a time."

"We have a moral obligation to build an industry that commits to changing the injustices that continue to exist," Houseplant's website read. "We are committed to working closely with other industry leaders, legal teams, politicians, and non-profits to help those negatively impacted or convicted by minor, non-harmful cannabis acts."

The event was a big hit for the couple who have been married for over a decade, raising $877K for HFC's care grant respite program, caregiver support groups and brain health education initiatives for young people, like Lauren, who's lost family members due to the hereditary disease.

"Years ago it did scare me, no doubt," Lauren shares of her own fears withe getting the disease. "But I think that everything I've learned about brain health in the past few years, a lot of the research that we do is about brain health and teaching people how to keep their brains healthy, that I feel really empowered and really hopeful about the way that it's going. Alzheimer's can't be treated or cured, but it could be delayed. It could even be prevented with the right lifestyle changes. I understand my own genetics and I've done a deep dive and so I know what my own personal risk factors are for, and I feel really hopeful about science and the way that things are going and that we can actually do things to keep our brains healthy. That's a long answer."