Seth Rogen Says Jacob Tremblay Can’t Watch the ‘Good Boys’ Red Band Trailer (Video)

Seth Rogen had to be the bearer of bad news to the young cast of “Good Boys,” the R-rated comedy starring 12-year-old Jacob Tremblay. They’re not old enough to watch the red-band trailer for the film.

“It’s just too messed up for kids your age,” Rogen says in a brief sketch ahead of the film’s new trailer. “There’s drugs, there’s violence, there’s swearing, and although we decided it’s okay for you to do those things in the movie, you can’t watch yourselves do them in the trailer.”

As one of the young stars Brady Noon puts it, “that’s f—ed up.”

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“You can say that,” Rogen said. “But you can’t watch yourselves say that. That’s f—ed up. Welcome to Hollywood.”

“Good Boys” stars Tremblay, Noon and Keith L. Williams as a trio of best friends in sixth grade who want to learn how to kiss before attending a grown-up party featuring Spin the Bottle, only to wind up ditching school and smuggling drugs across town as they try to evade pursuit by some older teenage girls and the cops. They also make the unwise decision of typing the letters “P-O-R-B” into a search engine.

“Nobody even kissed,” Tremblay says in the trailer. “Well, not on their mouths at least,” Noon replies.

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“Good Boys” premieres Monday at SXSW and then opens in theaters Aug. 16. Gene Stupnitsky directs the film he co-wrote with Lee Eisenberg. Watch the trailer above.

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