Seth Meyers: Trump is like ‘Robin Williams on a real coke-y night’

Seth Meyers: Trump is like ‘Robin Williams on a real coke-y night’

Seth Meyers had some thoughts to share about former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump’s humor and energy while speaking on SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show.

“One of the things that was good about the last eight years is the warm-up comic was President Obama, who I will argue will probably go down in this nation’s history as our most stand-up friendly president,” the Late Night host told Obeidallah, who responded with a story of his own about a time Obama agreed that he does, in fact, have great comedic timing.

“When you watch even his speeches, after the , I started realizing even when he’s being serious he has a stand-up cadence and a stand-up timing,” Meyers added. “There’s that great sort of stand-up patience that he has. And you know, it’s funny because I think what makes stand-up great, a good stand-up great, is the same sort of rhythm that he brought to everything.”

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He did not say the same of the sitting president. “Trump meanwhile sort of has, I don’t know, I guess it’s like a Robin-Williams-on-a-real-cokey-night kind of energy,” Meyers said, referring to the late screen and stand-up comedy icon.

Meyers, who has spoken about Trump many times on his show (see here, here, and here for his most recent Trump-themed segments), also addressed whether the “material” outweighs the “anxiety and stress” that he provides, as Obeidallah puts it.

“I’d trade this in a heartbeat,” Meyers said. “You know, your biggest fear when you do something every day, I’m sure you have it too, is you’re not gonna have anything to talk about. That is not a fear that I have anymore, but those are just fears about hosting a talk show. As far as the rest of my life, you know the amount of fear has increased to a point to not make this a very good trade-off, so I would happily go back in time and take the alternate.”

Meyers also spoke of Trump’s decision to skip this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. “It shows that rare sense of self-awareness that he doesn’t usually have to know that even though he could really say, ‘How do you like me now?’ to everybody, I think he might know, ‘I’m really bad at doing written material. I’m far better, my comedy is sort of born out of being off the cuff and that won’t play as well in that room.’”

Meyers added: “So, I actually think it’s pretty smart of him to say that ‘This is a dumb night and I’m not coming,’ and it then of course minimizes the importance of that evening because I feel like without the president there it’s just doing stand-up in a terrible room.”

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