Seth Meyers calls for media boycott of certain words following Boulder shooting

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During Monday's Late Night With Seth Meyers, Meyers revealed his frustration with how the media covers mass shootings. So he called on his colleagues in the media to stop saying certain words.

"Honestly, when it comes to talking about these things, I think we're all just running out of words," said Meyers. "I think the news media is running out of words but I do think there are some words we can stop using when this happens."

Meyers recalled watching the news and how he took exception to the anchor referring to the shooting as "unimaginable."

"That's probably a word we can retire when something happens three or four times a week, it is no longer unimaginable," said Meyers. "Sadly, we're at a place where common sense gun laws and political action are the things that have become unimaginable."

Meyers also wants the perpetrators of mass shootings to stop being referred to as "shooters." "It makes these people sound like hobbyists, which is exactly the bulls*** rationale that keeps those kinds of weapons flowing," said Meyers. "Killer or murderer works just fine."

He wasn't just frustrated with the media, he was also frustrated with lawmakers. Meyers is tired of politicians offering "thoughts and prayers" without backing them up with actual gun control legislation.

"We can do away with 'thoughts and prayers,'" said Meyers. "If the best you can muster in response to this kind of horror is to say words inside your own head and nothing more, best to look around. Find someone or some organization that's taking action, and help them instead."

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