Seth MacFarlane Explains Hollywood’s Hatred of ‘Lying Con Man’ Trump

During the presidential campaign, most of Hollywood supported Hillary Clinton and denounced Donald Trump. Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane recently attempted to explain why his fellow actors, writers, and producers dislike the president-elect so much. He tweeted: “We’ve learned to recognize the blustery showmanship of a lying con man because we encounter it every day in our business.”

MacFarlane continued about Trump, saying: “Trump is not of the People. Trump is of Hollywood. And that’s the problem.”

MacFarlane has a history of mocking the president-elect. In 2011, he hosted a Comedy Central roast of Trump, long before the billionaire formally announced his run for president.

And this past October, Family Guy parodied Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape, this time with Peter, voiced by MacFarlane, joining in on Billy Bush’s and Trump’s offensive banter.

While Trump didn’t have as many A-list celebrity supporters as Clinton, he did have some, including Ted Nugent, Scott Baio, and Superman himself, Dean Cain.

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