'Sesame Street' turns 'Despacito' into a song about rubber duckies

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Sesame Street made another pop-culture parody, this time turning their googly eyes toward the most streamed song of all time, “Despacito,” by Luis Fonsi. Bert and Ernie starred in a music video in which Ernie sang about his love for El Patito. Which is, you guessed it, his little rubber ducky. El patito translates from Spanish to “the little duck.”

As he began singing the song, Bert, ever the downer, remarked, “Oh, no. Not this song again.”

Ernie went on to sing about his love for El Patito, including shots that mimicked the original music video for “Despacito.” However, the scantily clad woman was replaced with a little rubber ducky.

The chorus went:

Oh, el patito, es mi favorito.
Donde quiera que vaya hace su sonido.
El patito es tu buen amigo
El patito.

The original song reached more than 3 billion views on YouTube and has been an earworm for anyone who’s listened to it. After the video, Bert seemed to come around. He sang the chorus and said, “Hey, that song’s actually pretty catchy.”

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