Serial Harasser Marjorie Taylor Greene Demands ‘Safe Space’


Marjorie Taylor Greene — one of the most prominent members of a party that has long denigrated Americans seeking equal rights as “snowflakes” while decrying the idea of “safe spaces” — says she needs a “safe space” herself after someone yelled at her at a restaurant on Monday.

“We are fed up,” Greene said on Fox News Tuesday night. “We are fed up with Democrat policies. We are fed up with the woke ideology being shoved down our throat. We are tired of our children being brainwashed into these same ideas. We want our own safe space and we deserve it.”

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Greene tweeted on Monday that she was “attacked” by an “insane woman” in a restaurant. She elaborated on Tuesday night. “Another member of her party started screaming ‘F you, Marjorie’ as loud as he possibly could, over and over and over again, inside this restaurant,” she claimed.

Greene is using the incident to call for people to “respect others even if they had different views,” as she tweeted on Monday, despite her own rich history of harassing her political opponents. She’s condoned violence against prominent Democrats, followed and yelled at a Parkland High School shooting survivor on Capitol Hill, aggressively confronted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), and appears to have kicked a teenage activist questioning her outside the Capitol. The list goes on.

Nevertheless, Greene has proven to be especially sensitive whenever she is made to feel uncomfortable herself. She said last year that she filed a complaint with the Capitol Police after Jimmy Kimmel implied in a joke that Will Smith needed to slap her after she called three Republicans senators “pro-pedophile.”

“She called the police and reported this,” Kimmel responded. “Not only did she call the police. She called the same police she voted against giving a congressional gold medal to for defending our Capitol against the insurrection she helped incite on Jan. 6. … It’s amazing how quickly you can go from, ‘These liberals, you can’t say anything anymore!’ to, ‘What’d you say? I’m calling the cops.’ It must be that cancel culture they’re always talking about.”

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