'Selling Sunset' Christine Quinn's Estranged Husband Booted From Home Due To Restraining Order

Christine Quinn and Christian Richard at BOA Steakhouse for Dinner
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Christine Quinn scores another victory in her marital drama with her estranged husband, Christian Richard, weeks after his arrest on domestic violence charges.

The "Selling Sunset" alum recently got a judge's approval for a restraining order against her partner, whose alleged rampages brought the cops to their home twice in two days.

Christine Quinn Kicks Estranged Husband Out Of Their L.A. Home

LAPD officers have their guns drawn at the home of 'SELLING SUNSET' Christine Quinn, according to witnesses a police were shouting 'Come out with your hands up'.

Quinn will no longer have to worry about authorities visiting her home to resolve disputes with her estranged husband thanks to a temporary restraining order, which requires Richard to stay 100 yards away from her.

Because of this protection order, the former Netflix star's beau no longer has rights to their Los Angeles home. Only Quinn, their two-year-old son, also named Christian, and their two Yorkshire Terriers, Bubby and Teddy, are allowed to live on the property.

Richard is also forbidden from stalking, threatening, or assaulting his estranged wife and those protected under the temporary order. However, he is allowed to have brief contact with Quinn to discuss court-mandated child visitation, per TMZ.

Quinn Blamed Their Marital Troubles On Financial Woes

 leave the TAO afterparty with husband Christian during fashion week NYC

The real estate broker filed for the protection order in late March following her partner's two-day rampage. In her legal documents, she claimed that her marriage to Richard had disintegrated over their financial troubles.

The situation allegedly escalated last month, with her estranged husband displaying erratic behaviors. On one occasion, Quinn claimed he threw metal-filled decorative items and dog poop at her while also peeing on the floor.

She stressed that this was when she realized that she needed to sever her bonds with Richard and get away from him. However, things allegedly took a turn for the worse when she was packing her bags the next day.

Richard Was Arrested For Assault With A Deadly Weapon

Christine Quinn and Christian Richard at Craig's for Dinner

In her recollection of events to authorities, Christine Quinn accused Richard of throwing a bag with glass in it at her. Unfortunately, the projectile missed her and hit their two-year-old son, Christian.

Sources claimed that cops were called following the incident, with an ambulance joining authorities at the scene. The little boy was reportedly treated on the spot; however, first responders thought it would be best if he went to the hospital.

Christian was then transported to the hospital via ambulance, with insiders noting that Quinn joined him. Meanwhile, the perpetrator was hauled away by cops barefoot while wearing nothing but a white bathrobe.

Richard was booked for assault with a deadly weapon and kept behind bars with a $30,000 bail on his head. Law enforcement sources also noted that Quinn was given an emergency protective order against him for seven days.

Richard Fired Back At Quinn With A Restraining Order

Christine Quinn and Christian Richard at BOA Steakhouse for Dinner

Following his two-day drama, Richard accused Quinn of fabricating stories against him and slammed her with a restraining order. In his filing, he claimed she caused him "emotional or physical harm" on March 19.

He requested for her to stay 100 yards away from him and not to harass or assault him in any form. Surprisingly, he wanted the court to kick Quinn out of their L.A home, stop her from making changes to his insurance coverage, hide or sell any of his property.

As for the alleged domestic violence incident, Richard blamed it on his estranged wife's dogs. He claimed she refused to train the canines, leading to a constant mess that he had to clean up.

Christian Richard Denied Throwing A Bag At Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn and Christian Richard at PrettyLittleThing X Kappa Launch Party

The tension sparked by the dogs continued on the fateful day when Richard discovered the pets had urinated on his prized belongings. Things worsened with the bedroom in a mess with cleaning supplies, soda cans, and food waste scattered around.

He noted that he asked Quinn to help; however, she refused, claiming she had already tried cleaning up. Upon hearing that, Richard claimed he "grabbed the trash bag from the floor and threw it to the side of the room, against the wall."

He emphasized that he "did not throw the bag towards Ms. Quinn or their son" and that "there was no glass in the bag, as there was no broken glass in the room or anywhere in the house."

Richard claimed that he tried to spend time with their son after the incident, but Quinn took the boy to another room, prompting him to return to his computer. He even discussed their upcoming summer travel plans with her before getting blindsided by cops' arrival.