Self-Proclaimed ‘Lady’s Man’ Tries To Manipulate ‘Dr. Phil’ Producer

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“Donnie is a self-proclaimed ladies’ man, and he made that clear to us right away,” says an associate producer for Dr. Phil who conducts pre-interviews with guests. “Donnie told me during our pre-interview that he knows what women want, and he bates them with physical attraction. So when he started to flirt with me, it really wasn’t a big surprise.” The young woman claims that Donnie, who admits to using drugs and conning people to get what he wants, sent her flirtatious text messages and even sent a shirtless picture to another producer. She also claims that Donnie said he had sent the wrong picture by mistake and that he meant to click on a video. Hear about them in the video above. And, see how Donnie responds when Dr. Phil says to him, “You thought you could be coming to Dr. Phil for being a pathological, lying, manipulative drug addict, and in the process, flip my producers into helping you do that?” On Monday’s episode, Donnie’s parents share how they say their son’s behavior is affecting their lives. Plus, Donnie’s younger brother has a message for him. Is Donnie ready to make a change? Watch more here. And, check here to see where you can tune in to Dr. Phil. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a story Dr. Phil won't believe? WATCH: 31-Year-Old Says He Uses Cocaine And Prescription Drugs For A ‘Happy Medium’