Self-Proclaimed Flirt Says She Doesn’t Understand Why Other Women Act Catty Around Her

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Heather says when she was growing up, she was shy and didn’t develop verbal skills to flirt, so she started using body language. When she first appeared on Dr. Phil, she said women often judge her behavior. Hundreds of viewers responded and criticized her. Now, Heather says she wants Dr. Phil to help her make women feel more comfortable around her so they won’t judge her based on her appearance. “What do I do with women when there’s no man around? I’m not flirting; I’m just being myself,” she asks Dr. Phil. Hear his response in the video above from a Season 1 classic Dr. Phil episode. And, a woman who says Heather is obnoxious and gives women a bad name confronts her. See what happens. On Friday’s episode, hear from a woman who says she has flirting competitions with her friends, another who says she loves attention from guys and that she’s the kind of girl you better keep your boyfriend away from, and a wife who says her husband is a huge flirt. Check local listings to see where you can tune in to “Classic ‘Dr. Phil’: Flirts, Teases, and Women Who Hate Women.” TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have a story Dr. Phil won't believe?