Selena's brother A.B. Quintanilla apologizes for 'bipolar episode' on stage: 'That's not me'

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The musician had told the audience at Tejano Explosion to "boo yourselves for not participating in the show."

A.B. Quintanilla, the musician and elder brother of the late Tejano pop star Selena, has apologized for his recent outburst at a San Antonio music festival.

Quintanilla, who wrote and produced many of Selena's biggest hits and played bass in her band Los Dinos, became frustrated with the audience at Tejano Explosion, part of the city's annual Fiesta Week, while performing with Los Kumbia King All Starz on Saturday. He criticized the crowd's perceived lack of enthusiasm, saying that festival attendees acted "like somebody put a gun to your head and forced you to be here tonight" during his set.

In a since-deleted apology video that Quintanilla posted on Instagram (which was reshared by local San Antonio journalist Jeff Garcia), the musician expressed his remorse over the incident, stating that he was forced off medication to treat bipolar disorder. "I wanted to apologize to all the people that were there," Quintanilla said Sunday. "I want to apologize for my words, my actions, what I said."

<p>John Parra/Getty</p> A.B. Quintanilla

John Parra/Getty

A.B. Quintanilla

Reached for further comment by Entertainment Weekly on Monday, Quintanilla referenced a shooting at Fiesta over the weekend that left two dead and several others injured. "Many things wrong with the event…But people focused on me???" he said in an email.

During his Tejano Explosion rant, Quintanilla repeatedly antagonized the audience, which puzzled concertgoers and online viewers. "[It] feels horrible as a musician to work so f---ing hard over all these years to bring you hits, and you guys come here, and you can't even raise your hands to f---ing clap, or be happy, man," he said during the show. "Just like you support the Dallas Cowboys, who lose every f---ing year, you should support your bands, and Tejano music, okay? Y'all can boo me all y'all want. I don't care, that doesn't affect me! Boo all y'all want. Boo yourselves for not participating in the show."

In his apology video, Quintanilla said a doctor had advised him to take a break from his medication for a procedure. "I was suggested by my doctor to attend a specialist to have me checked for cancer, so I underwent a biopsy when I was able to get into a specialist," he said. "During the time that I was doing the biopsy, I was suggested by my doctor to get off certain medications that I was taking. Now these certain medications that I take control some mental issues that have, I guess after Selena passed away, they came around. I became bipolar, I became OCD, ADD, PSTD. I'm on the spectrum, basically, for people that understand that. Basically, I suffer. I'm bipolar, basically."

<p>Vinnie Zuffante/Getty</p> Selena

Vinnie Zuffante/Getty


Quintanilla went on to explain how his lack of medication led to his outburst. "When not taking medications, things that happened like last night in San Antonio on stage, in front of everybody — which for me is very embarrassing, to be honest with you — it's the scariest thing, because you go into a rant, your brain just goes crazy, you break basically," he said. "It threw my whole chemistry of my body out of whack, my brain, everything, and I broke finally, you know what I'm saying? I had an episode. So for all the people once again that saw the episode or are seeing the episode on the video, you're watching a person have a bipolar episode. And I apologize for that, and once again, the words that came out of my mouth, and everything I said, that's not me, that's not what I feel. And I hope that you can find it in your heart to please forgive me."

The musician also said his cancer biopsy yielded negative results. "I’m just happy that I don't have cancer," he said. "I'm happy I'll be here for a while more, and I'm sad for my words and everything that went on at the concert. Trust me, that's not me." He added, "I'l be okay, you know what I'm saying? I'll balance out again, taking my meds again, so I'm okay."

[This article has been updated with a statement from Quintanilla.]

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