Selena Gomez Recalls Her First Time Opening Up About Bipolar Diagnosis: 'It Gave Me Such Strength'

Selena Gomez is an open book in her upcoming Apple TV+ documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.

The 30-year-old singer and actress discussed how personal the documentary became when she dropped by The Kelly Clarkson Show for Wednesday's episode. In an early clip from the show, Clarkson marveled to Gomez about her openness in the film, which includes discussions about the "Calm Down" musician's bipolar diagnosis, lupus and mental health struggles.

In 2020, the Only Murders in the Building star visited McLean Hospital where she discussed her bipolar diagnosis publicly for the first time. The moment, featured in the film, was a profound moment for Gomez both then and now, she explained to Clarkson.

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"It's one of the best hospitals for — they're kind of covering everything in the mental health space. So, I was able to say my diagnosis out loud for the first time," Gomez recalled. "And it gave me such strength, and — it wasn't easy."

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Amy Sussman/WireImage Selena Gomez

Noting that it was important the documentary felt "really personal," the "Wolves" singer admitted to Clarkson that she does have some reservations about its release.

"I'm kind of scared," Gomez said. "A lot of people are going to see this whole other side of me — and I'm like, 'I hope they like it.' "

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Clarkson quickly responded to the concern by telling Gomez she found the forthright documentary to be "powerful" and"refreshing," adding, "It's such a filtered world. We're different generations, and I feel your generation and younger — everyone just filters everything online. And that's not real life. And that's going to help so many people who watch this."

A bashful Gomez responded, "I hope so because I am really nervous."

In a clip shared exclusively with PEOPLE from the upcoming documentary last week, the pop star and actress visited the Grand Prairie, Texas neighborhood where she spent her childhood.

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"I think Selena really anchors herself when she goes back to Texas. She seems to get energy by being in the presence of her past," director Alek Keshishian — known for his work on Madonna: Truth or Dare — told PEOPLE. "She doesn't look down on anybody, she is right there with the people — that's what makes her unique. She feels as much love for her past as she does for her future."

In the sweet scene, Gomez spends time with a childhood friend, who now has young children who understandably freak out when they see the star.

"Yeah, she's real!" Gomez's friend tells her daughter. "Mommy went to school with her."

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me premieres Friday on Apple TV.