Selena Gomez Possibly Went Peroxide Blonde in the Most Cryptic Way

According to Instagram, Selena Gomez may be in her blonde era — but it's all in an alleged state.

Gomez took to IG with a two-photo swipe through, but the standout moment was her new blonde hair. The total gag is that the woman in the photo is obviously having the time of her life, and the hair is whipped across her face. Hence, we're unable to make out an actual visual. Taking it a step further — it may not even be Gomez at all. Making sense of things, if it is the Rare Beauty founder, it's most likely a wig. (But, we're also not mad if she decided to have a rouge moment.)While diving into the comment section, fans are also trying to piece together the puzzle. Is new music coming soon? Is she a blonde now? What is actually happening?

While we're sure all of our burning questions will be answered in due time, we desperately want to know who the woman is in the first photo. Join in with the Bae Beauty team and take a closer look ahead to find out.


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