Selena Gomez loses it over her 'Shark Tank' birthday surprise

Selena Gomez got the best 27th birthday gift ever — well, for a Shark Tank superfan.

The singer and actress, who celebrated her birthday on July 22 in Italy, was so shocked by the gift two of her best friends gave her — an upcoming visit to the set of the business-themed reality show — that she squealed in delight in a video she posted to social media.

(Screenshot: Selena Gomez via Instagram)
Shark Tank superfan Selena Gomez just got the best birthday present from two of her best friends. (Screenshot: Selena Gomez via Instagram)

The star was sitting with the friends on a couch when they played a video for her on a TV screen. “What are these pictures?” she asked as various clips played, including one of her friend Taylor Swift singing, “Are you ready for it?”

Then Mark Cuban, one of the tycoon panelists on the ABC show, appeared onscreen to wish Gomez a happy birthday and “many, many more.”

While that left Gomez with her hands covering her face in shock — “That’s. So. Cool,” she said — it was only the first part of the surprise. Gomez will also be “going to the Tank in September,” a message on the screen said.

(Screenshot: Selena Gomez via Instagram)
Screenshot: Selena Gomez via Instagram

“Noooooooo! We are?” she screamed. Gomez then jumped up and said, “I’m so excited.”

Apparently, Gomez is “obsessed” with the ABC show. In 2013, she wrote on Facebook that a company she had invested in, Postcard On the Run, would be featured on the show. (The app later shuttered.)

The show shared a screenshot of Gomez’s gift reveal.

(Screenshot: Shark Tank via Instagram)
Screenshot: Shark Tank via Instagram

Gomez, who has been focusing on her mental health, celebrated her birthday in Italy with her grandparents. Just prior to that, she served as maid of honor for her cousin in Texas.

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