Selena Gomez Cuddles Up to Adorable Godson in Sweet Holiday Pic

Selena Gomez is spending her holiday season sleeping like a baby.

The "Hand to Myself" singer shared an sweet snap of herself snoozing alongside her adorable baby godson on Tuesday night. In face, the photo was so cute that Selena didn't see a need to caption it at all.

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Gomez -- who also has a little sister named Gracie -- became a godmother in May when her cousin, Priscilla DeLeon, gave birth to a baby boy named Aiden.

"My cousin @pmdeleon22 is having her first. We always dreamed of having one together," she Instagrammed at the time. "UM, not today BUT beyond happy I'm a godmother now ☺️👶🙏🙌."

It's clear that Gomez can't get enough of little Aiden. "My godson came to see his Tia in LA 😭☺️," she posted in October along with another precious pic of her godson.

Coincidentally, Gomez's ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, shared a similar photo of him and his brother, Jaxon, sleeping just two days ago. "My little broham," the 21-year-old singer captioned the image.

Bieber loves to post pics and videos of his younger brother and sister, Jazmyn. In July, the hearts of Beliebers everywhere melted when the pop star shared a video of his siblings performing their big brother's hit, "Baby."

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Check out the must-see video:

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