Seinfeld Fans: Who Should Have Gotten The ‘Parking Space’?


Hop in the car with me and let’s go back to April 22, 1992. If you’re a die-hard Seinfeld fan like myself, you already know where we’re headed: “The Parking Space” episode!

Parallel Parking War!

Seinfeld, The Parking Space Episode

In this classic installment of the wildly popular sitcom, for those of you who might not be familiar, let’s set the scene: George is attempting to parallel park Jerry's car by backing into the space when Mike, one of Kramer's friends, simultaneously attempts to pull into the same spot head first.


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This causes a hilarious stalemate between the two and characters start popping out of the woodwork to take sides. A heated debate ensues between George and Mike, each presenting their arguments for why they should have the space. Even the police officers that arrive on scene having opposing views on who is legally entitled to the spot!

'The Parking Space' Script

Check out the video above, or read this excerpt from the actual script so you’re armed with the information needed to choose whose side you’re on:

George: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Mike: “I think I'm parking my car.”

George: “You can't do that, you can't just sneak in from the back like that.”

Mike: “I'm not sneaking. I didn't even know you were parking, you were just sitting there three spaces up.”

George: “Well if you didn't think I was parking, why did you put it in head first?”

Mike: “Well that's the way I park. Anyway, you didn't start backing in until I pulled in.”

George: “The point is I was here first.”

Mike: “I was closer to this space than you were.”

George: “But I'm backing in! You can't put it in head first!”

Mike: “I can if I have room!”

George: “Are you gonna move the car?”

Mike: “No, I'm not gonna move the car.”

So herein lies the dilemma…Who is the rightful owner of the parking space? Are you Team George, or Team Mike?

Does it matter who was there first? Does the proximity of the car to the parking space hold any weight during a parallel parking face-off??

Team George Or Team Mike?

Seinfeld, The Parking Space Episode

I’m 100% Team George! Many moons ago back when I was in driving school I vividly remember the parallel parking test. Everyone was taught to BACK IN! There was never a scenario where you pulled your car into a spot head first. Who does that?? Jerry says it best:

Jerry: “Front first, that's how you park when you're pulling a bank job.”

I'm right there with ya, Jerry! Only animals would attempt pulling straight into a spot that was clearly meant for the classic back in maneuver...I've also never liked that Mike character. Anyone that would call someone a phony who is clearly the definition of phony themselves doesn't deserve a parking spot, whether they follow the rules or not!

Now unless you live in a big city, you might not have much experience with parallel parking at all! Occupants of more highly populated areas typically don’t even have to think twice about it, as it’s become second nature to them. However, residents of more rural areas usually don't have to worry about the dreaded parallel park.

I've personally experienced living in both types of areas, and I'm not a fan of having to park that way at all. However, it's still obvious to me who the clear winner and rightful owner of the spot should have been! OUR GEORGIE BOY! *It kills me that there was zero resolution at the end of this episode...

Whether you're a 'country mouse' or 'city mouse', a Seinfeld Fan or not, you should absolutely have an opinion on who was right in this situation. Take some time today and really give it some thought! Wonder what your friends would say...Team George or Team Mike?