See Terry Bradshaw React to Daughter Rachel's Decision to Freeze Her Eggs

See Terry Bradshaw React to Daughter Rachel's Decision to Freeze Her Eggs

Terry Bradshaw may be getting his wish after all.

The NFL legend has been vocal about wanting more grandchildren, and on tonight's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, his daughter Rachel Bradshaw announces some promising news.

As the above sneak peek clip shows, Rachel's revelation comes after Terry and his mom check in with Erin Bradshaw, who's been trying to get pregnant herself.

"You've gotta have a baby before I go on to the promise land," the girls' "nanny" says.

Erin responds by insisting she and her husband Scott are trying. In fact, in an attempt to move the process along, they're even testing out an alcohol detox. She's definitely feeling the pressure, and in a confessional, she tells Rachel she's "super lucky" to not be in the same boat.

However, that's not exactly true. "It's on my mind, too," she tells Erin. "I am thinking about all those things, even single and not married."

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Back at dinner, Rachel makes her announcement.

"I have a consultation with a fertility doctor to freeze my eggs," she tells her dad, grandma and sister. "I just thought it was a good idea because everybody's already got kids, Erin's trying for a kid, and I'm not married yet. So that takes the pressure off of trying to meet somebody right now."

Taking this step, Rachel adds, will help alleviate the stress that comes with her "clock ticking."

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Terry seems taken aback by the egg freezing news, but it turns out that he's just picturing an "omelet."

"We could do it at the ranch," he jokes before discussing the matter in more detail in a confessional with Rachel. "I feel a little weird about it. Like, when your kids are young and having those periods and making me go get pearls at the drug store just to embarrass me. And I'm just stupid enough to go do all of this stuff."

Rachel, of course, teases him even more: "We had heavy flows!"

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"Oh s--t, I don't wanna hear about this," he responds, laughing.

Watch the special sneak peek clip above, and don't miss tonight's all-new episode of The Bradshaw Bunch, only on E!.