See Savannah Chrisley And Nanny Faye Go "Dirty Dancing" on Growing Up Chrisley

Savannah Chrisley is on the hunt for a new hobby, and her grandmother, Faye Chrisley (a.k.a. Nanny Faye) has the perfect one in mind.

The pair decide to try their hand (or should we say feet) at Nanny Faye's "favorite activity of all-time"—salsa dancing—in this sneak peek of Growing Up Chrisley's Sept. 21 episode.

"You're gonna love this," Nanny Faye promises her granddaughter as they walk into the class. But Savannah's not feeling confident about her dancing skills.

"You know I have no rhythm," she tells Nanny Faye in a confessional. "You're either born with it or not, and I was not born with it."

Her statement proves true as the class begins and she struggles to keep up with the instructor's "Latin hip action." But Nanny Faye has faith in the reality star, telling her that once she finds the right partner, "Then you'll learn how to move," much to Savannah's embarrassment.

Salsa dancing is certainly not what Savannah imagined her grandma would recommend as a hobby, instead expecting something "very classy" and "grandmother-like," such as knitting or bingo.

Savannah Chrisley's Faith Over Fear Line

As the class goes on, the group is divided up into pairs, and lucky for Savannah, her partner states that he doesn't have a good sense of rhythm either.

Nanny Faye enjoys her good-looking partner just as much, if not more than Savannah, as she jokes, "This is what I call some dirty dancing."

The lesson wraps up, and Nanny Faye tells Savannah that they should continue to take the class every week. Unfortunately, the latter has officially determined that salsa dancing is not her forte.

"I'm just meant to sit here and look pretty," Savannah says. "I am basic. You look up basic, that is me."

Check out the hilarious clip above.

Growing Up Chrisley airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on E!.