See Michael Bublé Get Surprised by London's West End Gospel Choir

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While visiting London to promote his latest release, Michael Bublé was invited to surprise a group of gospel singers.

But as a newly released video from the day proves, those singers had a big surprise for him, too.

The clip, which Bublé shared to his YouTube channel, opens with a message explaining how his mutually shocking moment with the West End Gospel Choir happened.

“The choir were secretly practicing a song from Michael’s new album, ‘Higher,'" read the text at the beginning of the video. "They thought they were only being filmed as a stunt for Michael’s socials. The choir have no idea that Michael is coming to surprise them."

And as the message continued, it noted that the Canadian crooner was also in the dark about their plans to sing the song he covered for "Higher," Sam Cooke's classic "Bring It on Home to Me."

"The only people in on the surprise are choirmaster Nathaniel (Morrison) and the crew," the text closed.

So, when the 46-year-old walked into the practice space, jaws dropped — including his own when they started singing "Bring It on Home to Me."

Michael Bublé - Bring It On Home to Me featuring the West End Gospel Choir. (YouTube)
Michael Bublé - Bring It On Home to Me featuring the West End Gospel Choir. (YouTube)

Shortly after the vocals began, Bublé joined the choir for the performance. And when the vocals came to an end, he wiped away tears and addressed the group.

“When I recorded this song, it was the greatest thing I recorded in my life,” he told them. “I’ve been driving people crazy. I kept saying ... ‘How am I ever going to make a moment of this and let people see it, how beautiful this is?’ And this is the moment. You guys gave me the moment.”

Still emotional, the hit maker turned to the camera and called experience “one of the greatest moments” of his life.

He then addressed viewers, adding, “I hope that when I come do a show here that they’ll come with me, so we can bring this to you live, and you can feel what we felt here today.”