See It First: Puppets Take Center Stage in Nick Lutsko’s ‘Predator’

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment
·1 min read

If you’re still reeling from a little too much green beer this week, Nick Lutsko has a new video that will undoubtedly trip you out even further. “Predator,” which is featured on his new album, Etc., features a creative storyline that one doesn’t run across too often, to say the least.

Yahoo Music is excited to debut the video, which depicts a happy children’s show featuring a puppet-band…however, the story behind the scenes is something much different. We find out that the puppeteer is not so sunshiny, but ultimately he gets what’s coming to him at the felt-covered hands of his “friends.”

Lutsko explains his inspiration behind the clip: “Music is my first love, but puppetry is a close second. In college, my roommates and I stayed up all night making puppets after seeing The Muppets,” he notes. “I wrote a pilot for a puppet show about six months ago. It’s kind of like Pee Wee’s Playhouse, only Pee Wee is in extremely poor health, drinks gasoline on a regular basis, and flies into blind fits of rage. I’ve already written and recorded most of the music for it.

Lutsko himself is working with the puppets in the video, and gives a shout-out to two special fans who helped with the production: “My parents were gracious enough to let us destroy their garage.”

Etc. marks a new sonic direction for Lutsko, who made his mark with a folky debut in 2013.