See It First: Porcupine Tree’s Gavin Harrison Debuts ‘Hatesong/Halo’

Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison, who is highly regarded as one of the finest in the biz, is poised to release a solo set, Cheating the Polygraph, April 14. Fans will be delighted to realize the record is actually eight Porcupine Tree songs in a set of vivid and vibrant new arrangements as imagined by Harrison himself.

The tracks are some of Harrison’s own favorite Porcupine Tree jams from over the years. Completely abstract in nature, the songs only slightly resemble the originals – but reportedly, some Porcupine Tree fans have claimed to actually like these versions better!

Yahoo Music is pleased to premiere the video for “Hatesong/Halo.” If it sounds a little foreign to those who appreciate Porcupine Tree, Harrison notes, “Music is about listening and opening your mind. Feel the world around you. Don’t get distracted by letting your eyes focus on unrelated things. Let the music create the images in your mind.“

To preorder Cheating the Polygraph, visit here.