See It First: Chris Miles Calls Crush ‘Musically Sexy’ in ‘Conversations’ Video

·Senior Editor

It’s easy to see why up and coming rapper Chris Miles, 15, has received the praises of hip-hop giants 50 Cent, Mac Miller, Chris Brown, Hit Boy, and Tony Yayo. The T3 Music Group artist’s talent is far beyond his years.

The Long Island, New York-based MC showcases his skills and good taste in the opposite sex in his music video, “Conversations,” that premieres exclusively on Yahoo Music. While rap songs typically rate girls for superficial qualities, Chris takes a more genuine approach.

Sure he is physically attracted to the girl he sees walking in the hallway at school, but is he equally impressed by her taste in music. In the video, he gets the butterflies when he sees her holding a Mobb Deep 12” in a record store. He calls her “musically sexy” for her mutual love of Eminen, Jay Z, Nas, and Frank Ocean. He loves that she disagreed with Macklemore winning the 2014 Best Rap Album category, rapping, “You thought Kendrick deserved the Grammy/You like The Heist/But when he lost you was angry.”

Chris is proof that there’s hope for hip-hop’s next generation. Conversations appears on his EP, Birth of Cool.

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