See 'Interstellar' As Many Times As You Want With an Unlimited Ticket

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Jordan Zakarin
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Great news for sci-fi fans with a lot of time on their hands and a dislike for the outdoors: Now you can see Interstellar as many times as you want for the price of just one (more expensive) ticket.

Paramount and AMC Theaters announced the Interstellar Unlimited Ticket on Monday, which will give eager fans of Christopher Nolan’s space epic the opportunity to see the movie as often as they want, in any big screen format, at 330 locations nationwide. The price of the ticket varies, from $19.99 to $34.99, depending on where you buy it and is available AMC theater that’s showing Interstellar. Moviegoers have to already be a part of AMC’s Stubs program to take advantage of the deal.

It’s a nice way to incentivize people to return to the theater to see the film a second time, which some might do in order to understand dialogue that was difficult to comprehend thanks to a muffled sound mix.

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The audio snafu has been a bit of a controversy in the film’s first few weeks at the box office, with audience members reporting that they couldn’t understand what was going on during key moments of the very loud film. But Nolan, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, defended the audio on his film.

“The theaters I have been at have been doing a terrific job in terms of presenting the film in the way I intended,” he said. “Broadly speaking, there is no question when you mix a film in an unconventional way as this, you’re bound to catch some people off guard, but hopefully people can appreciate the experience for what it’s intended to be.”

What it’s intended to be, Nolan said, was a simulation of the intense experiences that the characters were going through.

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”[For instance] the experience of being in the cockpit is you hear the creaking [of the spacecraft]; it’s a very scary sound,“ he said. "We wanted to be true to the experience of space travel. We wanted to emphasize those intimate elements.”

The film has performed decently in the United States so far, taking in $97.8 million at the box office in two weeks, including a $47 million open. It has fared better internationally, with a $224 million take, giving it $321 million overall.

Interstellar has a ways to go to catch up with last year’s big space hit, Gravity, which opened to $55 million in the US on its way to $274 million domestic total (and $716 million overall.) At nearly double its running time, Interstellar, which made $29 million in its second weekend to Gravity’s $43 million, has fewer showings to take in ticket sales, which makes the unlimited ticket gambit all the more important.

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