‘I See What He’s Doing’: Jimmy Kimmel Exposes Donald Trump’s ‘Crazy’ New Strategy

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Jimmy Kimmel noticed a curious moment this week when Donald Trump was asked if he would try to use campaign money to pay off legal penalties.

“All of a sudden, Mr. ‘I-Aced-The-Cognitive-Test’ doesn’t seem to know what’s going on,” Kimmel said on Thursday, then rolled footage of Trump’s answer.

“I don’t understand. What penalties?” asked the former president, who has been ordered to pay $83.3 million after losing a defamation case. “I didn’t do anything wrong, and that’s been proven as far as I’m concerned.”

Kimmel was ready with a fact-check.

“As far as the court is concerned, you did do something wrong, and it’s gonna cost you around $83 million,” Kimmel said.

But he added that this could be part of a new strategy by Trump.

“I see what he’s doing,” Kimmel said. “I know exactly what he’s up to: He’s like that mob boss who pretended to be crazy by wandering around the town in a bathrobe. He’s Vinny the Chin, is who he is.”

See more in his Thursday night monologue: