See David Duchovny’s Dog Lick Peanut Butter Off His Face to Save Shelter Animals

David Duchovny may often play the bad boy on screen, but when it comes to animals, he’s a total softie.

The X-Files star recently teamed up with his rescue dog, Brick, to create a video announcing the launch of his #LickMyFace campaign. The charity challenge asks dog owners to slather peanut butter on their face and let their dogs lick it all off. The goal is to donate $1 per lick to the campaign. All donations will go to Duchovny’s favorite charity, Target Zero, a nonprofit organization that is “working to get shelters across the U.S. to be no-kill.“

In the video, the 55-year-old actor gets up close and personal with his pooch, letting Brick lick his face until all the peanut butter is gone. "I’m going to be broke after this!” he exclaims. Duchovny donated $1 per lick and he’s challenging all of his social media followers to do the same. He even called out ex-wife Téa Leoni and his X-Files co-star, Gillian Anderson.

Check out this video to see the sweet yet slobbery video, and tune in to The Insider With Yahoo on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.