See Chris Pratt's Amazing First Professional Acting Photo


Back in 2000, Chris Pratt was a complete unknown — but his headshot was epic. On Thursday evening, the Guardians of the Galaxy star tweeted a scan of his first professional acting photo, taken when he was around twenty years old. “The name’s Douchemaster McChest and this is my first headshot,” Pratt wrote. “You’re welcome.” With his open shirt, sideburns, and shoulder-length curls, he looks like he stepped out of a ‘70s beach movie. And there’s a kernel of truth to that: At the time Pratt began his acting career, he was a self-made beach bum, waiting tables and sleeping in a tent in Hawaii. (Last month, he posted this photo of his Maui home, a van with Scooby-Doo characters painted on its side.)

Goofy hair and wardrobe aside, Pratt is doing some serious smoldering in this early headshot. Perhaps it’s a glimpse of the intensity he would bring to his acting career, whether as a Navy SEAL for Zero Dark Thirty or the ripped Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. Then again, maybe it’s just his standard photo mug: the Chris Pratt version of Blue Steel. It’s not the first time Pratt has noted the effect a camera has on him. “The lens is a douche magnet. It just pulls it out of my face,” Pratt said at an Esquire photo shoot earlier this year.

For some bonus throwback Pratt, check out a clip of his hyperactive first Entertainment Tonight interview for the series Everwood in 2002:

Photo credit: @Twitter