Security removes ‘Trump won’ flag unfurled at Texas Rangers game; fans asked to leave

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Texas Rangers security removed a “Trump Won” flag from the upper stands at Globe Life Field during Sunday’s game.

A video uploaded by Elan News to YouTube shows a man at the railing in the stands near the foul pole in right field as several security team members approach and remove the flag.

The flag was hung during the seventh inning of the Rangers’ 4-3 win.

The man, who had not been publicly identified as of Monday afternoon, was briefly detained by security while they waited for Arlington police to respond to the incident.

It was unclear whether any arrests were made.

“They stole our election though, you know,” the man, wearing a red cap with a American flag logo on the front and a Texas Rangers shirt, says in the video. “I know the rules. You can’t take my flag … your election got stolen, too. Americans should be more upset that our election got stolen than if we have a flag … Everybody knows Trump won. And they’re more upset because I have a flag than that our election was stolen.”

The Rangers said the banner violated the stadium’s code of conduct for guests at games.

“We asked them to take the sign down. They were then asked to leave the park,” the statement said.

When security detained him, the man again addressed the camera with his “stop the steal” allegations. There is no proof of the baseless claims that the 2020 presidential vote was stolen.

“I held a sign at a baseball game, and they called the cops. This is how out of whack America is. That we don’t even have free speech and the cops get called because someone has a flag … They steal our elections, nobody panics. One person drops a flag at a baseball game, and they want to call the police.”

A man who hung a similar banner during a game at Yankees Stadium in May has been barred from attending MLB games.