Secret Life's Francia Raisa: Adrian Wants Ricky Even More Now That He's Engaged

Francia Raisa, Secret Life of the American Teenager | Photo Credits: Randy Holmes/ABC Family

After four seasons of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Francia Raisa says her character Adrian is still hung up on Ricky Underwood (Daren Kagasoff).

"You're never really over your first love," Raisa tells "And now that he knows he's engaged and unavailable she wants him even more because she can't have him."

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When the second half of the season returned, Adrian told her best friend Grace (Megan Park) she was swearing off guys for the summer. But Raisa says that Adrian's plan will barely last a minute. "The thought itself counts, right?" Raisa jokes.

Although Adrian will soon fall back into her relationship with Omar (DeVaughn Dixon), Raisa feels he's not the right guy for her. "Omar is a little too available for her," she says. "She really likes him and has fun with him, but he's not a challenge for her. She needs someone to tell her what to do." But don't expect Adrian to get back together with ex Ben (Ken Baumann) either. Raisa hints he'll be hitting it off with someone else. "There's going to be a new relationship developing among the six of us that's very shocking," Raisa says. (Since Amy and Ricky are engaged and it's not Adrian then by process of elimination that leaves Ben and Grace.)

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As Adrian embarks on the summer before her senior year, Raisa hopes she'll finally grow up and move on. "I just want her to realize it's the not the end of the world if she doesn't have Ricky and you don't need a challenge every day of your life," she says. "I had a Ricky in high school and I wish I could go back and say, 'He's not the one for you; there are so many people out in the world!'"

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