Second Wachowski Sibling Comes Out as Transgender: ‘Yeah, I’ve Transitioned’


Lilly Wachowski, one-half of The Matrix trilogy filmmaking siblings The Wachowskis, came out as transgender in a statement to the Windy City Times on Tuesday.

“‘SEX CHANGE SHOCKER—WACHOWSKI BROTHERS NOW SISTERS!!!’” the 48-year-old filmmaker wrote in her statement. “There’s the headline I’ve been waiting for this past year. Up until now with dread and/or eye rolling exasperation. The 'news’ has almost come out a couple of times. Each was preceded by an ominous email from my agent—reporters have been asking for statements regarding the 'Andy Wachowski gender transition’ story they were about to publish.”

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Wachowski, whose older sister Lana first spoke publicly about her own transition in 2012, said that while past threats of being outed by various media outlets never came to fruition, she decided to go public after she claims she was confronted at her home by a reporter from the Daily Mail this week.

“Last night, while getting ready to go out for dinner, my doorbell rang. Standing on my front porch was a man I did not recognize,” Wachowski explained. “He proceeded to explain he was a journalist from the Daily Mail, which was the largest news service in the UK and was most definitely not a tabloid. And that I really had to sit down with him tomorrow or the next day or next week so that I could have my picture taken and tell my story which was so inspirational! And that I really didn’t want to have someone from the National Enquirer following me around, did I? BTW—The Daily Mail is so definitely not a tabloid.”

Wachowski says that she and her sister have “largely avoided” the press in the past, she “knew at some point I would have to come out publicly.”

“You know, when you’re living as an out transgender person it’s … kind of difficult to hide. I just wanted—needed some time to get my head right, to feel comfortable,” she continued. “But apparently I don’t get to decide this … So yeah, I’m transgender. And yeah, I’ve transitioned.”

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Wachowski, who has been married to Alisa Blasingame since 1991, said that she is out to friends, family and “most people at work.” The siblings are currently in production on the second season of their Netflix series, Sense8.

“Everyone is cool with it,” she said. “Yes, thanks to my fabulous sister they’ve done it before, but also because they’re fantastic people. Without the love and support of my wife and friends and family I would not be where I am today.”

Nick Adams, GLAAD Director of Programs for Transgender Media, issued a statement on Tuesday, saying, “GLAAD is thrilled that Lilly Wachowski is able to be her true and authentic self today, however, she should not have been forced to disclose her transgender identity before she was ready to do so. Journalists must learn that it is unacceptable to out a transgender person, in the same way it is unacceptable to out a person who is gay, lesbian, or bisexual.”

The Daily Mail had no comment at this time.

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