Sebastian Bach and Falling in Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Feud Over the Use of Pre-Recorded Tracks

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Sebastian Bach and Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke have been engaged in a Twitter feud over the latter’s use of pre-recorded tracks during live shows.

It all started when Falling in Reverse dropped off the WIIL Rock festival late last month after losing their laptops. In a video message to fans, Radke remarked, “As a band in 2022, you need your laptops. It’s like driving a car without an engine.”

Those comments incited veteran radio personality and outspoken backing-track critic Eddie Trunk, who took to social media to call out Radke: “How much longer are fans, promoters, media, just going to accept the epidemic of live rock shows… not really being live?”

Radke fired back, writing, “@EddieTrunk so you wanna talk hella Shit about laptops but go watch kiss lip sync, Steven Tyler plays the piano then half way through the song he stands on top of piano while it sill plays yet here we are acting like they all don’t use tracks you fucking idiot. Literal moron.”

The Falling in Reverse singer also shared a video of Trunk introducing a solo performance by Sebastian Bach, in which it appears a fake crowd noise track plays as Bach takes the stage: “Both idiots talking Shit about me using tracks, can’t make this shit up.”

With Radke having brought Bach into the debate, the ex-Skid Row singer — who’s never shy about sharing his opinion — defended Trunk and lashed back at Radke: “Wow dummy are you trying to say that you believe that I use tracks on stage? @EddieTrunk how f****** funny is this. … Watch what happens when track bands call real musicians idiots.”

Here, the back-and-forth turns to name-calling, with neither party backing down.

“The fuck is your bitch ass gonna do?” Radke replied. “You disrespect an entire generation of people after you that use synths laptops and backing tracks all while using a fake audience on a track as you walk out, fuck you and fuck Eddie trunks bitch ass”.

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Sebastian then added: “It’s always so much fun to show someone what the world was like before the internet existed get f****** ready. Virtual reality is so much fun until you have to deal with actual reality. In your face. Can’t wait to meet you in person. Name the time and the place and I will introduce you to rock and roll in person man.”

The trash talking continued, with neither seeming to get the last word. Rather, Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx chimed in. Despite being a contemporary of Bach in the hard rock circles of the late ’80s and early ’90s, Sixx sides with Radke: “Keep beating that fake bullshit drum. Sounds so ‘Get Off My Lawn’. God forbid if some artists use technology as a creative tool on albums and in live settings. I get it. Just open your mind and stop fighting reality. Makes you sound outta touch and I like that you fly the rock flag.”

View the Twitter exchanges below.


Sebastian Bach and Falling in Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Feud Over the Use of Pre-Recorded Tracks
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