Is Seasoned YouTube Star Trisha Paytas okay?

The Queen of sitting on her kitchen floor and crying about everything petty Trisha Paytas seems to be falling off the rails. Her recent videos have fans in a scurry over whether she is back on drugs. In the past, Trisha has admitted to having a mental breakdown and forced into a hospital, as well as doing meth. Her mental state comes off as very fragile and her love life in a twist. In countless comments, there have been pleas for her to get some help before it is too late.

Trisha Paytas making videos without makeup and hair in a whirl is not out of the ordinary, but her behavior is incredibly worrisome. A week ago Paytas posted a video of her on Instagram with Jaclyn Hills ex-husband making out incessantly. Then she goes on a live a few days later with cryptic messages. Usually, Trisha keeps up her schedule with Youtube but her pattern is a bit off. Her rants are always all over the place but now she comes off as beady-eyed, exhausted, and lost. Although Trishas history is slightly alarming she still has a cult fan base that genuinely desires the best for her.

In many courses, Trisha has been a consistent entertainer for a decade. People love to hate her but still return for every breakdown. She not only in these last 10 plus years let us into her life as a rich YouTuber, she has also popularized huge trends that have taken over the social sphere. Like mukbangs and storytimes. She helped to get Youtube to where it is today and she deserves the credit. Through her vulnerability Trisha has shared deep sadness with us as well. Her tumultuous relationship with Jason from The Vlog Squad was documented from beginning to harsh end which in some viewers opinion is something she can't let go of to positively move forward.

Will Jason come to her rescue? Maybe. He could see these sketchy videos and reach out to her just to show her she is loved and cared for. What is evident is Trisha needs a friend and at the end of the day she is talented. I mean you have to be a marketing genius to have an entire tour where you sing your own produced songs but have a terrible voice. Like the Kardashians, she has kept eyes on her longer than the most celebrated artists of the last 20 years, and she will continue to do so. Maybe Youtube is not the place for her anymore though. Clearly her wellbeing is compromised by her continuing to curate on the platform. From what her fans can see it is not making her happy or attributing to her growth. She puts out an energy of being stunted and to feel stuck in any capacity is not beneficial for a creator. In other less depressing news she does have a new podcast where she’s interviewed Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. Could this be her saving grace?