Season 10 Below Deck Reunion Has Reportedly Been Scrapped

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 17002 -- Pictured: Captain Lee Rosbach -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)
WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 17002 -- Pictured: Captain Lee Rosbach -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Below Deck had quite a dramatic Season 10. We had dueling Captains, angry Chief Stews, and assorted fired people. This is not what Captain Lee Rosbach had in mind for his final voyage on our favorite nautical show.

Captain Lee came on board with some medical issues that were incredibly painful. So much so that he had to pull the anchor on his charter and call in for backup. His “relief” came in the form of Captain Sandy Yawn and Sandy’s way of managing wasn’t up to Lee’s standards.

After an incredibly theatrical season that involved two terminations which resulted in Lee and Captain Sandy engaging in a social media battle, apparently, now we aren’t getting a reunion. Fired stew Alissa Humber kicked off the rumors on Instagram. The Mirror UK shared the details.

In a post that seemingly no longer exists, Alissa shared an alleged email she received from the Bravo Big Guys. It reportedly read, “Hi – I’m writing to let you know that the Below Deck Reunion has now unfortunately been canceled,”

Did Alissa check to make sure she wasn’t the only recipient? The message continued, “We really do appreciate all of your efforts in the lead-up to this, but scheduling issues have since come up that have made it impossible for us to move forward. Please just respond to this email to confirm that you have received it. Thanks again.”

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Alissa added “Interesting” under the screenshot of the email. It’s fair to wonder if the tension between Sandy and Lee ultimately fueled the cancellation of the reunion. That said, their public mutual back-and-forth war of words wasn’t a good look for either of the consummate professionals.

For context, when Sandy fired Camille Lamb, she did not first consult with Lee, who was about as far away from the boat as he could possibly be. He had planned on returning for the remainder of the season when his condition improved, but Sandy was in charge of the vessel and the crew. It was a petty display and the optics weren’t that great for Lee until Sandy implied he may or may not have a screw loose. Former Below Deck Mediterranean Chief Stew Aeasha Scott basically backed Sandy up when she suggested Lee is now too elderly to pilot a watercraft.

Despite zero closure on Season 10 and missing out on Fraser Olender’s impressive selection of disgusted facial expressions at a reunion, Bravo will host a going-away show for Captain Lee. Hopefully, we’ll see some faces from the past popping in and sending Lee out in style. No word on whether or not Captain Sandy has been invited to attend.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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