Sean Hannity Rips Basically Every Outlet Other Than Fox as ‘Fake News’

Sean Hannity Rips Basically Every Outlet Other Than Fox as ‘Fake News’

Fox News host Sean Hannity called Politico, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and The New York Times “biased and corrupt” on Wednesday.

Politico reporter Hadas Gold tweeted an article titled,” Hannity calls on Trump to freeze out the press,” complete with quotes from Tuesday’s episode of “Hannity” wherein the conservative commentator said President-elect Donald Trump shouldn’t grant access to news organizations that he says colluded to help the Clinton campaign.

Hannity noticed Gold’s tweets and replied.

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The issue of fake news has plagued media lately, with everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Scott Pelley speaking out on the menace. Typically, this pertains to websites designed to fool people, not the mainstream news organizations that Hannity disparaged on Twitter.

But Hannity is upset that WikiLeaks exposed emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta that indicate certain reporters were pulling for her to win the presidential election.

“Until members of the media come clean about colluding with the Clinton campaign and admit that they knowingly broke every ethical standard they are supposed to uphold, they should not have the privilege, they should not have the responsibility of covering the president on behalf of you, the American people,” Hannity said on his show Tuesday night.

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Hannity recently replied, “Amen,” when one of his followers tweeted that particular news organizations should not receive White House press credentials during the Donald Trump administration over the leaked emails.

Hannity is one of Trump’s allies in the media and WikiLeaks discovered, among other things, that DNC chair and former CNN pundit Donna Brazile sent town hall and debate questions to the Clinton campaign before CNN events during the Democratic primary race against Bernie Sanders.

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